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AGENT511 TEXTBLUE helps to combat human trafficking at San Francisco Airport

31 January 2021

AGENT511 TEXTBLUE helps to combat human trafficking at San Francisco Airport by providing a 'silent' text channel to request help.


57 million passengers
25% International

TEXTBLUE delivers domestic and International text messaging in support of San Francisco Airport’s (SFO) efforts to combat human trafficking.  The system includes location-aware QR code placards throughout the airport that upon capture notifies the Airport’s trained emergency dispatch via AGENT511 software.  Both parties may chat in order to provide a timely, relevant response.  The system was installed as part a San Francisco Citywide initiative to address human trafficking across the City, including the Airport.

The resilient platform started processing text messages January 1, 2021 in support of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  

The AGENT511 platform was selected for the partnership because of several core capabilities:

  • Diverse, resilient domestic and International text to emergency dispatch
  • Multilingual character and automated language translation including Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese, among others
  • Patented parallel voice notification to avoid missed texts

AGENT511 TEXTBLUE is a critical tool for inconspicuous communications particularly during sensitive situations.   According to Director, Ivar C. Satero, “SFO is here to help. Restrooms were chosen because they are typically one of the few airport locations where a human trafficking victim may be separated from a trafficker, providing a small window of opportunity for a victim to text or call for help.”

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