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Engage your audience with interactive data-driven communications

A storm leaves customers without power for days. A simple leak results in numerous costly contact center negotiations. This is where big data and personalized communications proactively help to solve complex customer communication challenges. Leverage REACH Data Connect to instantly deliver personalized communications and insights.

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Customizable data applications

It is a foundation for complex analytics and workflows that creates customer insights and calls to action. The platform offers program templates and developer tools built upon Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide executive insights and communicate relevant information to customers, especially during complex events. Deliver engaging omnichannel communications such as severe outage alerts leak notifications, and payment data.

  • Leverage cloud data and analytics in workflows
  • Build upon foundational tools that incorporate third-party integrations and data sets
  • Expose customer insights such as outage status, communications heat maps
  • Build custom user interfaces that can be embedded into websites and customer messaging
  • High-performance, extensible secure GCP offers unbounded scalability

Instant segmented communications

Sending high-volume personalized communications that call users to respond via text messaging.

  • Partition lists based upon data analytics such as outage status, meter leak comparisons, or billing
  • Integrated with Data Dashboard and customer information systems to rapidly deliver relevant content
  • Visibility into message sending and results
  • Secure SSO portal to confidently create and deploy new programs

Severe outage workflow

Use outage data to drive an orchestrated sequence of empathy messages that alleviates customer anxiety.

  • Configurable messaging sequence rules
  • Staged and on-demand templates offer flexibility in order to maximize relevant and personalization
  • Personalized flexible fields
  • Foundation for external integrations like weather forecasts
  • Learning module to drive automation
  • Email, text, and mobile app push

REACH Results

REACH is an award-winning application that has run consistently for over a decade.

  • AGENT511’s text messaging notifications are read 95% of the time (6-8x more than email)
  • During heavy storm activity, REACH processes 100,000+ outages every few minutes
  • Over 85% of customers polled appreciated their outage notifications
  • Real-time AMI initial outage notifications alleviated 75% of contact center calls reporting the outage
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PECO Case Study

PECO’s leadership uses the REACH Data Connect Dashboard in order to monitor communications with disrupted customers during severe weather. Hurricane Isaias, like previous storms, severely impacted customers for an extended duration. PECO wanted to keep customers informed by using dynamic rules and templates to alleviate anxiety. Data Connect automatically segments customers and sends on-demand specialized content to customers seeking information about the restoration effort.

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