Meet AGENT511 at the PowerUp Outage Conference!

Chartwell’s Outage Conference is the largest and most informative of its kind in the industry. It brings together utility professionals for two days of content and networking opportunities in the areas of outage communication, restoration, training and planning.

Our Outage Communications Whitepaper
Chartwell Power-Up Conference

Let’s meet on June 2nd & 3rd, 2020

REACHTM Preference Management delivers critical communications necessary to keep customers informed and engaged during a power outage. 

  • Integration with your outage management system (OMS) for real-time ERT and restoration updates
  • REACH INTERACTIVETM two-way smart sessions facilitate interactive outage reports and more
  • AMI meter integration for accurate filtering to improve efficiency and transparency
  • High-performance data warehouse for outage messaging and engagement metrics
  • Social channels and bots
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