By Ravipal Arora, Director of Engineering

It seems like every day the number of fraudulent, interrupting phone calls increases. Those intent on committing crimes or fraud while remaining anonymous, have a much easier time in today’s world as technology becomes more available that allows a caller’s identity to be concealed or faked. Customers now leverage filters and avoid answering phone calls, thereby impeding the ability for verifiable, legitimate businesses to communicate with their customers.

One way to avoid this problem is to use Short Message Service, better known as SMS text messaging. Customers may opt-in to receive SMS texts offering them control over the communications they receive. This provides significant comfort for most customers and bolsters their image of your company as a trusted source. SMS text cannot be readily “spoofed” or imitated by an unsavory or illegitimate source and, with text, the message is displayed in easy to read and understandable language so the user may quickly review and determine any course of action. Text offers many features and benefits including the capability to present customer bills, link to a mobile wallet, or provide maps with local information. In order to take full advantage of SMS text, we recommend using a 10-digit or short code number that identifies and personalizes your organization so that messages are easily recognizable by customers.

In addition, wireless carriers are now implementing a new technical standard called STIR/SHAKEN which serves to verify the caller ID is legitimately the owner of the phone number. The wireless carriers have so far implemented this technology for P2P phone calls; however, we expect to soon see a blueprint for businesses to register their “owned” phone numbers so that customers will be confident that the caller ID and matches the business phone number. Also, expect new apps and filters that allow mobile users to accept calls from only verified numbers. All of these innovations help ensure your customers are protected and your customer relationship remains trusted.