Engage customers with personalized, relevant communications

AGENT511 hosted communication platforms and integration frameworks encourage organizations to create custom messaging to align with their business policies and workflows which help break down silos between marketing, business units, and contact centers.

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Consolidate messaging across the organization

REACH™ and TEXTBLUE Enterprise™ multilingual templates and business rules are configurable in order to ensure the right critical message is sent.

  • Administrator interface to create and update programs, templates, and rules on-demand
  • Email, voice, text, social, and home speaker messaging with omnichannel rules
  • Integrated using standard API’s with CRM, telephony, and 3rd party data sources

Add a new interactive channel for customer interactions

REACH INTERACTIVE™ with artificial intelligence creates a two-way channel for customers to re-schedule appointments, acquire information, and pay-by-text. It is integrated with TEXTBLUE Enterprise™ thereby allowing customers to interact by SMS or Messenger with a live agent.

Republic Bank Case Study

Customer engagement through identity management and gamification

New advances in digital identity will expand the way organizations view preference management and payment. REACH is working with partner BadgeCert to recognize these advances in the industry.

  • Digital identifier via Blockchain supports immutable preferences that can be securely shared by customers 
  • Customer recognition and gamification expands the way in which organizations communicate and recognize customers
  • Shared data warehouses and analytics creates new models for identifying customer outcomes such as usage and interactivity
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