Engaged customers help you achieve your business objectives

Achieve customer satisfaction, generate revenue, and position your utility for the future with relevant, personalized communications

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Interactive, branded communications that inform and call customers to action

REACHTM Preference Management delivers critical communications in accordance with customer preferences and your business logic to maximize customer engagement, transparency, and create loyalty.

  • Integration with CIS, OMS, and meter management to send relevant outage and leak notifications
  • Billing and payment, demand response, appointments, and customer alerts via rich integration framework
  • REACH INTERACTIVETM two-way smart sessions facilitate interactive outage reports, bill payments, and appointment re-scheduling
  • Natural language bots and TEXTBLUETM Enterprise Live chat expand your engagement capabilities
  • ENFORCETM verifies compliance with TCPA and Consumer privacy policies
Our Deployment Strategy

So much more than a notification platform

REACH is a hosted customer engagement platform trusted by leading utilities that achieves the right balance between standard features and interfaces with the feel of custom software.  It operates in accordance with your rules, your schedules, and your customer’s needs.

  • Rules and templates are configurable to provide flexibility
  • Extensible to deliver crew call-outs and notifications to other stakeholders
  • Expert integration, project management, and training services support your business objectives to achieve state-of-the-art integration
  • Continuous investment in expanding communications channels such as Apple Chat, WhatsApp, and more

PECO REACH Customer Communications

PECO leveraged REACH Preference Management in order to expand channel capabilities and interactivity to expeditiously inform customers about service disruptions.

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