WEBINAR | Data applications for severe weather: Keeping your customers informed and satisfied

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Speakers: Raed Adhami, CTO of AGENT511 and Jay Malin, Managing Director of AGENT511

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When severe weather hits, utilities must continue to deliver relevant communications, particularly for customers facing long duration outages.  Leveraging data science and new cloud data platforms, utilities can now rapidly segment customers and distribute relevant, personalized multi-channel content.

We’d love to share our severe weather dashboard and data apps that together, keep customers informed.  These same technologies are applied to meter and billing data in order to keep vulnerable customers engaged with grants and alternative payments.

Catch up with this interactive 30-min talk, and discover new ways to integrate with information systems and external services to create seamless, automated interactions across the organization, including:

– Cloud data platform capabilities

– New practice of data science and customer segmentation

– Application of data science for severe outage communications

– Outage data analytics dashboard.