by Karen Dmytriw, AGENT511 Consultant

AGENT511 TEXTBLUE pictures and video submitted by the public is now live and deployed at several major agencies.  The solution delivers public safety and utility dispatch centers information that enhances response times while increasing situational awareness.  Sample media includes property damage, infrastructure maintenance such as downed lines or potholes, and people of interest.  Standard wireless MMS video is typically restricted to approximately a minute and multimedia data is viewed and archived in accordance with organizational policies.

One of the primary concerns with inbound multimedia is how it is handled.  In order to avoid obscenity, multimedia is either solicited and received only from enrolled user devices – namely customers or first responders who are known to the organization.  Even upon receipt, some organizations allow media to be viewed by managers and detectives in order to avoid viewing by contact center staff.

Efforts are underway to apply artificial intelligence to media in order to assist with classification and routing.  This will help to expedite responses and verify the integrity of all forms of multimedia.