Why we added a print channel to our REACH Preference Center

by Jay Malin, AGENT511 Managing Director

Yes, it happened. Our business which began delivering text messages over 10 years ago just added a print channel for a major East Coast utility’s planned (maintenance) outage program. Somewhere along that path, we added email and outbound voice services as well. I couldn’t have imagined it then, but it makes even more sense today. Why?

Some customers demand print and, in some cases, print is regulatory. 

Delivering a seamless, branded customer experience is critical in helping customers cut through the noise. For organizations, maintaining a single repository of customer correspondence creates efficiencies in the areas of audibility and analytics.  Your agents need only look-up messaging receipts in one place and your data scientists are empowered to search for customer communication insights.  Moreover, by adding a little intelligence to this workflow and you can notify send a text or voice call first and require an acknowledgement before print would be sent. This cuts the noise and saves money.

Add a QR code to the letter to offer opt-in for digital programs as well.

How did we do it?  We simply added a print channel to our REACHTM Preference Center and implemented a process for creating paper templates and custom envelopes with our partner Doxim.  We get address changes and put in place a process to confirm first and third-class letters have been sent.

Yeah, its still paper and a person has to hand deliver it come rain or snow, however, orchestrating communications across all channels is smart.

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