Meet AGENT511 at BAPCO (12th October 2021)

The event will provide a forum for professionals in the field of public safety technology, to exchange information, ideas and experiences. BAPCO 2020 will have more interactive features than ever before for you to enjoy.

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Maximize Situational Awareness with TEXTBLUE

Meet AGENT511 at BAPCO 2021 and learn about the TEXTBLUE platform – a leading, patented platform for text-to-9-1-1 and campus emergency communications that is seamlessly integrated with existing call taking and dispatch applications.

Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with emergency and non-emergency public safety services, suppliers, technologists and related government offices both within the UK and other EU member states to influence the future development of public safety communications.

The BAPCO event continues to be a platform to discuss public safety communications and provide a supportive network for the transfer of knowledge in the public safety/civil contingencies services.



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